I grew up with dogs of different kinds – chasers, strollers, aggressive dogs, dogs defending their resources. In the course of time I started gathering information about training methods and the scientific basis of the canine/human relationship. My studies of canine psychology (Gesundheitsakademie Wien) as well as practical experience gave me the basis for today’s work.


My activities are based on positive reinforcement and motivation – I want to keep and get you and your dog motivated and happy.

Training options

Basic training

Basic commands like „Sit“, „Down“ or „Come“ are created and trained by means of positive reinforcement, fun and motivation.

Your dog's daily routine

Your dog will be adapting to your daily routine – public transport, restaurants, offices, strangers and city walks won’t be a problem anymore.

Behaviour coaching

Fear or aggression towards humans or dogs, fear of being alone – your dog suffers and so do you. An individual training programme will help you detect and change unwanted behaviour – your dog will learn to adopt alternative behaviour without stress and pain.

Appropriate activities

Bored dogs are frustrated and look for alternatives – and start barking or destroying objects. We can work on their concentration, teach them tricks or make walks interesting – you will see the difference!

A new dog!

A new dog will be here soon – but how to choose the right one? Male or female, puppy or grown up, from a breeder or a shelter – I can help you make the right decision!

For English language prices and further information please contact me.

Mag. Karin Flaschka

A-1100 Wien


+43 676 966 28 00